Obituary: Rune Andréasson, B.Sc., M.D. Hc (1920-2013)

Rune Andréasson 1994With great sadness we learn of the death of Rune Andréasson on January 4, 2013, in Halmstad, Sweden, just short of his 93rd birthday.  Rune Andréasson made extraordinary contributions to traffic medicine.  In addition to many important scientific papers in English and in Swedish, he authored two major books.  First, Widmark's Micromethod and Swedish Legislation on Alcohol and Traffic (1986), which traces the development from 1922 of a chemical technique to measure the amount of alcohol in blood samples.  This played a crucial role in the evolution of per se legislation in Sweden, inspiring comparable legislation in many other countries.  Second, The Seat Belt:Swedish Research and Development for Global Automotive Safety (with C-G Bäckström, 2000).  This book documents that the three point safety belt was first patented and developed in the USA, but first installed in vehicles in Sweden.

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