Book Review Traffic Safety

Title: Traffic Safety
Author: Leonard Evans
Publisher: Science Serving Society, Bloomfield Michigan, USA
Other details: 445 p. Price: $ 99.50

In this admirable monograph, our immediate -past president Leonard Evans presents his vision for a safer traffic system. He eloquently argues that current safety policy of many countries, the USA prominently among them, dramatically fails. Each year hundred thousands of lives and billions of dollars are spilled, and millions of severe injuries are needlessly sustained, many leading to life long disabilities. He further argues that modest changes to a number of components of the traffic safety system currently in place can, in combination, lead to major reductions in harm.


Tips from TIP 2

Safety and Economic Impacts of a Photo Radar Program

Greg Chen presents a comprehensive study of the substantial annual savings to society yielded by the photo radar program in British Columbia (BC), Canada. He demonstrates that automated photo radar traffic safety enforcement can be a very effective and efficient means to manage traffic speed, reduce collisions and injuries, and combat the huge resulting economic burden to society. He stresses that the application of a photo radar program should be planned and implemented with caution. If the public perceives a photo radar program as a cash cow to enhance government revenue, it is likely to be withdrawn because of political consideration. Therefore, every effort should be made to focus and to promote the program on safety improvement : "Speed surveys and engineering studies to ensure the appropriateness and fairness of existing posted speed limits, extensive education campaigns to inform the public of the consequences of unsafe speed and the effectiveness and efficiency of photo radars, and careful selection of high speed collision prone sites to focus the program on safety improvement goals are just a few ideas to obtain and sustain public support (p. 307)"

Based on: Chen, G. (2005) Commentary: Safety and economic impacts of photo radar program. Traffic Injury Prevention, Vol. 6, pp. 299-307.

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