Luchemos por la Vida's activities for the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week

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 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week (May, 6-12, 2013)

Luchemos por la Vida’s activities in Argentina - Complementary report

Luchemos por la Vida carried out different activities during the 2nd UN Global Road Safety Week, aimed at promoting pedestrians' safety. One of the most important was to invite the community to be part of a mobilization for this cause by creating a national network for pedestrians’ life. This initiative enabled us to get some partners in different cities of the Interior of Argentina such as "Vecinos Autoconvocados por la Autopista 8" -whose local members went into action in: San Antonio de Areco, Capilla del Señor, Pilar, Arrecifes, Parada Robles (Province of Buenos Aires)-; teachers and schools from Rada Tilly (Chubut), Necochea (Province of Buenos Aires), Concordia and Federación (Entre Ríos), “Concientizar para Prevenir” in Carlos Paz (Córdoba), among others.


This way, as well as all the activities carried out by Luchemos por la Vida in the City of Buenos Aires, which we informed in our first “2nd UN Global Road Safety Week” report sent by e-mail on May, 14th –available in and that included the exhibition of banners aimed at car drivers with the message: “Give priority to the pedestrian”, the distribution of leaflets for pedestrians that included self-protection proposals, spreading information through press releases and interviews in radio and TV channels, activities with schools, among others, some other activities, inspired by our Association, were carried out by local people of the cities mentioned above.


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Thus, "Vecinos Autoconvocados por la Autopista 8" organized walks, sticked banners, spread information and press releases among local mass media, distributed leaflets and organized activities in schools, making them know about “Hunters of pedestrians”, Luchemos por la Vida’s free educational video for primary schools.

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In Rada Tilly, actions, led by traffic educator Carlos Ullúa, included activities in schools and production of banners and leaflets distributed among local shops and interviews for local media.


Similar activities were carried out in Concordia and Federación –led by traffic educator Alberto Fochezatto and local police-, Necochea –with the cooperation of Escuela Argentino Danesa-, and in Villa Carlos Paz, where the local NGO “Concientizar para Prevenir” participated in an awareness activity with a primary school.


All these local efforts are added to the ones carried out by Luchemos por la Vida, which have been published in our Facebook and web page, that will keep on promoting traffic safety among pedestrians through its mass awareness campaign “Safe Pedestrians” for radios and TV channels and the distribution for free of the educational video “Hunters of pedestrians” to schools who are also invited to participate of the National Contest “Safe Pedestrians in my City”. 


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