Global launch of the International Project “Safe Roads 4 Youth”

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Last 3rd of July, Luchemos por la Vida launched in Saladillo City, Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina, the international project of action and research “Safe Roads for Youth”. This event was the global launch of this project, managed by Luchemos por la Vida in Argentina and that will also be carried out in Río Cuarto City, and, simultaneously, in cities of Vietnam and South Africa, directed by PAU Education at a global level and with the collaboration in the other countries of Global Road Safety Partnership and Handicap International.


This project aims to understand the impact of the cultural context in the effectiveness and efficiency of preventive actions with young people related to the problem of drinking and driving. To achieve this, the project will carry out preventive and educational interventions, at a community level, aimed at mobilizing citizens, improving local actors’ training and preventing driving under the effects of the alcohol, focussing, especially, on young people.


That is why this project has, among its objectives, that cities of Saladillo and Río Cuarto perhaps could become –after our efforts- an example for the world about how reality can be changed so that we don’t have to mourn for young and adult people who die because of drinking and driving, creating awareness how important is not to drink if you are going to drive.

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