Minutes of the Board and Members meeting, May 2011, Chongqing

Present: Leonard Evans (president emeritus), Lars Englund (president), Zhenguo Wang (president elect), Wiebo Brouwer (immediate past president, acting secretary), Morris Odell (director Australasia), Ying Wang (director West Asia), Sang Wan Lee (director East Asia), Don Redelmeier (director North America), Ulf Björnstig (director West Europe), György Nemes (director East Europe).

 1. Wiebo Brouwer will document decisions of board- and members-meeting and put them on the ITMA web site in consultation with the new secretary (see below).

2. Lars Englund will write a letter to the current board members whose candidacies have not been renewed in which they are cordially thanked for their activities and in which they are asked in how far they intend to participate in future ITMA meetings.

3. The following candidates for the Board of directors are proposed to the members meeting: · Secretary: Dr Ying Wang (China, USA) · Treasurer: Dr Kurt Johansson (Sweden) · Director for Australasia: Dr Morris Odell (Australia) · Director for East Asia: Dr Masahito Hitosugi (Japan) · Director for West Asia: Dr Jihong Zhou (China) · Director for North America: Dr Donald Redelmeier (Canada) · Director for South America: vacant · Director for West Europe: Ulf Bjornstig (Sweden) · Director for East Europe: vacant · Director for Middle-east: vacant · Director for Africa: vacant

4. Lars Englund is in discussion with directors of the AAAM and ICADTS to see in how far synergy between activities of the ITMA and these sister organizations can be improved.

5. Financial situation: · The report about the financial situation of the ITMA provided by the treasurer is approved. · The board is glad that a satisfactory negotiation about the TIP subscriptions has been made with the publisher Taylor & Francis). This arrangement is that all ITMA members will have e-access to all issues of Traffic Injury Prevention via a password protected page on the ITMA web site and that no printed versions will be sent anymore. Wiebo Brouwer is in consultation with the publisher with regard to the internet access. · Because of this re-negotiation the financial situation of the ITMA has improved. Our previous obligatory payment for a minimum amount of printed versions exceeded our incomes. The treasurer has provided a list with non paying members. The board asks him to write them a letter requiring their payment for the missing year(s). They will also be informed that they will loose TIP access and congress privileges and that they will be removed form the membership list if they don't pay their dues before the date indicated in his letter.

Minutes of the ITMA Members meeting 2011-05-15, Chongqing, China.

Present from the board of directors: Leonard Evans, Lars Englund (president), Zhenguo Wang, Morris Odell, Ying Wang , Sang Wan Lee, Ulf Björnstig, György Nemes.

No other candidates for the board were proposed. In general agreement all the above mentioned candidates proposed in the board meeting were chosen.

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