Chongqing World Congress


The International Traffic Medicine Association (ITMA) aims to increase and spread scientific knowledge about reducing road traffic crashes, injuries and fatalities, and about enhancing traffic safety for people all around the world.

ITMA organizes world congresses covering all areas of Traffic Medicine and its associated disciplines. The motto of the 22nd international congress is Safe Traffic and Effective Medical Care. Safe traffic is very important for all the people around the world and more effective medical care means a greater chance of survival and a higher quality of life for those injured in traffic crashes. 

Delegates to this congress will include medical doctors, physiologists, psychologists, traffic safety experts, vehicle designers and manufacturers, engineers, policy makers, police officers, and insurance experts. The congress will be a great opportunity for exchanges between experts from many disciplines connected to traffic safety and traffic injuries. 

This congress will focus on the progress in traffic safety and traffic injury prevention and treatment in recent years, and will bring famous traffic medicine experts together to share the most advanced traffic medicine concepts, theories and techniques in order to promote traffic crash prevention, traffic safety, first-aid, medical treatment, and accordingly reduce the mortality and disability resulting from traffic injury in the world, to raise the road user's health standard and the quality of life. 

This congress will also invite domestic and international manufacturers whose products are related to traffic safety and traffic injury treatment. There will be an exhibition targeting new and current products and technology. The congress provides a platform for all the participants to engage in academic cooperation and the application of new theory and technology.

The International Traffic and Medicine Association