September 16-19, 2018, Save Your Date for ITMA’s 26th World Congress in Gramado, Brazil

We are glad to officially inform you that our 26th ITMA World Congress, will be held in Gramado, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, in September 16th  to 19th, 2018. Please save your date for this impressive trip to Brazil.

The main goals are the exchange of knowledge among experts from all over the world, in all areas whose objectives are traffic safety and sharing the most advanced in the concept of traffic medicine, theory and technique in road safety and prevention, aiming to reduce morbidity and mortality resulting from traumas in traffic collisions in the world.

Your participation and contribution to ITMA will help us make this world better and safer.

Looking forward to seeing you in Gramado. Enjoy and discover Brazil, Wonderland.

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The International Traffic and Medicine Association