Minutes of the Board and Members meeting, May 21, 2013, Hamburg, Germany

Present: Lars Englund (President), Leonard Evans (President Emeritus), Zhenguo Wang (President Elect), Wiebo Brouwer (Immediate past president), Ying Wang (Secretary), Kurt Johansson (Treasurer), Morris Odell (Director Australasia), Masahito Hitosugi (Director Eastern Asia), Jihong Zhou (director Western Asia), Don Redelmeier (Director North America), Dr. Jack Szymanski (Director South America), Ulf Björnstig (Director West Europe), Abbas Motevalian (Director Middle East), Diva Eensoo (Director East Europe), Sven Hultman (Candidate of Treasurer), Paul Brieler (Conference President of the 23rd Congress).

Absent: Dr. Essam Sharaf (Director Africa) didn't participate in the 23rd Congress.

1. Board members introduced themselves to all attendees. Lars Englund introduced new regional directors elected in last electronic board meeting, including Dr. Abbas Motevalian (Director Middle East), Dr. Diva Eensoo (Director East Europe) and Dr. Essam Sharaf (Director Africa). Up to now, all vacant regional directors were filled in.

2. Wiebo Brouwer reported the update of ITMA website after the 22nd Congress in Chongqing, China. The new ITMA website provides a better interface and more sophisticated contents. The future development of the website was discussed.

3. Kurt Johansson reported the financial situation. The report about the financial situation of the ITMA provided by the treasurer was approved. Subscriptions of Traffic Injury Prevention with the publisher Taylor & Francis were continued. This service provides all ITMA members free e-access to all issues of Traffic Injury Prevention via a password protected page on the ITMA web site.

4. Sven Hultman was elected unanimously as the new Treasurer by all attendees.

5. All attendees agreed to keep the current board members. It was encouraged to suggest more candidates of regional directors and board members.

6. Options for the next world congress were discussed. Proposed candidates included Teheran (Iran), Estonia, Costa Rica, Qatar, Bali (Indonesia) and Beijing (China). The board agreed to seek more details of each candidate about the possibility to host the 24th Congress and then make a decision on another electronic board meeting. Some board members mentioned that the political situation in a country should also be taken into account when considered as a future congress venue.

7. Paul Brieler shared their experience of organizing a successful congress, such as how to attract more participants, how to solve visa problems for international delegates (e.g., China), and so on. Delegates inquired Paul about the opportunity of visiting the research institution in Hamburg again.

8. A free discussion about setting up an ITMA homepage on popular social networks was conducted. Morris Odell and Ying Wang proposed to develop a group on LinkedIn (

9. Jihong Zhou, the Director of Western Asia suggested to change the name of his region. Because Western Asia usually refers to the westernmost subregion of Asia, close to Middle East but nothing related to China. One possible way is changing the current region of Eastern Asia to Northeast Asia and the current Western Asia to Eastern Asia. Another way is to maintain others and change current Western Asia to Greater China. The board agreed to discuss this problem on next electronic board meeting.

Minutes of the ITMA Members meeting 2013-05-21, Hamburg, Germany.

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